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Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia Quite early on I got a sense there could be an interesting idea behind it all, I also got a sense I would be slightly irritated by the quality of the writing the whole time I was reading. The latter turned out to be true, the first I'm not sure about yet, did they screw up the story at some point, or was it just the writing that made it seem that way?

Interesting idea + mediocre execution = 3 stars (I figured, but I've never been good rating stuff) + cliffhanger (below) = 2 stars

I think that cliffhanger was the most shitty move, I mean, first you (with already mentioned poor execution) put these poor kids through hell, then you end it all on the note of going to make the next year just as bad. You couldn't just leave off stuffing a new song into the boy's iPod until the start of the next book? I know you want to give people reason to keep reading, but this is just off-putting.