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The Iron Duke -  Meljean Brook [Spoiler alert]

(I don't normaly write 'reviews' or thought about things I read/see, so this will probably look like rubbish, but it's a learning experience for me).

I wanted to read this mostly because it's steampunk, and I really wanted to get more into the fiction-part of it. I've had a reading down for a couple of years, and finally I found a book that I not only wanted to finish, but needed to.

I love the idea of nanoagents enhancing you by constantly healing the body, making it stronger than naturally (probably fitter too), and grafting mechanical parts to it. At the same time it's a bit scary, and interesting, to think that someone could take your life from you like the Horde did, by taking away your free will. And that the technology could be used to make a weapon of mass murder (or genocide). Also, zombies, targeting diseases. Armoured krakens and megalodons.

Action, conspiracies, secret societies, the aforementioned zombies and krakens! What more could you want? (I'm sure there's lot that can be added to that list, but I'm trying to make some sort of point). Of course there is romance too, I've just never cared all that much about that aspect, but it was well knitted in with the rest and the book couldn't have been without it. My eyes even startet to water at times!